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Do your emotions ever get the better of you,

especially when you least want them to? 

Are you shutting down, building walls to keep feelings in

and to keep others out? 

Wishing you could feel emotionally even-keeled more often?

Not all intensity of emotion is unwanted.  Mos...

Tired of carrying the burden of invisible wounds?

Think you "should" forgive yourself or others, but can't?

Find it hard to trust yourself, and others?

Many people carry heavy but invisible burdens of pain that aren't obvious to others. And that can make you feel like you...

The mind of depression spins only stories of inadequacy and lack. Although fictional, these negative stories are compelling, affirming feelings of low worth and self regard.   Stories of lack gain footing by becoming background, wallpapering the mind for days weeks, or...

Are you barely sleeping at night and spending your days in bed?

Does even the thought of facing the day overwhelm you?

Are you feeling chronically, physically unwell and wondering if life will

ever feel worth living?

If you've been suffering for long periods of time, even...

Summer barbeque season is fast approaching, and you are already dreading the invitations you know will be coming.  Even though some of the back yard fun will be at your sister's house, you know she'll be inviting friends, neighbors, cousins, and all her kids friends an...

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