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The Body-Mind Difference

Body-mind balance with Jocelyn Bailey LMHC South Bend

Traditional talk therapy promotes insight and understanding by exploring patterns of thoughts, behaviors and emotions. Unspoken truths can be spoken, and buried emotions can be accessed and expressed.

At the same time, talking about past experiences can keep people stuck. Repeating the details of a painful life experience doesn't necessarily release or resolve the pain. In certain cases, retelling a difficult life experience can stir painful memories and emotions that overwhelm and re-traumatize.

Involving the body directly in counseling turbo-charges the work. Drawing upon the body-mind connection allows people the full experience of self-soothing and relief from ongoing patterns of thought and feeling.

What's more, emphasizing the body-mind connection encourages people to uncover and claim that well-being, vitality, and creativity -- forgotten, perhaps, but still intact.​

Take Charge of Your Emotions​

Blending body-mind interventions with traditional psychotherapy turbo-charges the healing and growth process. Motivated clients successfully uproot pernicious patterns of thought and behavior, paving the way towards greater health, energy and joy.

I've worked in body mind healing since 1989 and clinical psychotherapy since 2007. ​My passion lies in supporting natural development and facilitating emotional mastery. I work with clarity, precision and compassion to help people move forward.

Interested in a different kind of approach to emotional distress and energy overwhelm? Make an appointment now, and let's explore how the mind-body balance approach will work for you.

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