LENS Treatments Work Well for ADHD

Melanie had heard a little bit about biofeedback and thought it might be worth a try for her attention deficit and memory concerns. She had seen a demonstration on TV where the participant in the process focused on moving some objects or gauges on a computer screen by regulating their breathing. She wasn't quite sure how that might help her, but with her job on the line, she felt ready to try anything.

LENS neurofeedback, though, was not what she expected. It didn't require her to watch a monitor for 30-60 minutes. It didn't force herself to breathe strangely. The method didn't require her to accommodate the technique because the electro-energies used adapted to her unique brain patterns.

The treatments themselves lasted just a few minutes, not counting the time it took to attach the equipment to her skull. If anything, she felt only a sense of calming down, as if her body could finally relax. The 2 second bursts of electricity weren't anymore noticeable or strong than the emissions of a cell phone, and she said she couldn't really feel them.

The Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) started working for Melanie right away. At the next appointment, she reported that she was more productive and less distracted at work. Her boss was pleased that she was getting more of her tasks accomplished, and that the quality of her work was improving.

Melanie admitted to some skepticism -- she thought the effects might wear off, as so many other things she had tried had done. She was pleasantly surprised to be wrong about that. The LENS treatments made permanent changes in her ADHD, because they worked at the level of her central nervous system rather than requiring patience, meditation or medication.


"Melanie" is a composite profile of patients who struggled with ADHD and have been treated with LENS. Rest assured that the privacy and confidentiality of all clients is strictly observed in my practice.

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