If you are a highly sensitive person who also experiences

anxiety, overwhelm, or depression,

your distress may have become more pronounced and challenging in recent years.


deep distress can initiate a journey toward greater wholeness so that you can move more powerfully toward healing and reconnection. 

Drawing upon transformative therapies and decades of experience,

I am here  to help you

locate, activate, and cultivate

the inner wisdom, motivation and resources you most need and desire


You are meant to live your wholeness vibrantly, engaged, nourished and connected.

Let's roll up our sleeves

and get you there.


How I Can Help You

Transformative Therapies

As a licensed psychotherapist with 20+ years of experience, I help you:

  • achieve transformation through self-discovery

  • alchemize states of distress into avenues for lasting change change

  • navigate rugged mental-emotional states and emerge empowered

  • repurpose outdated, conditioned patterns 

  • locate and cultivate  inner strengths

  • connect deeply and powerfully to what is meaningful and life-giving for you

Coaching for Sensitive Souls

As Michiana's only coach for highly sensitive persons (HSPs), I can help you:

  • collaborate with both the challenges and strengths your sensitivity brings

  • discover and value your exquisite abilities to sense nuance and subtlety

  • swiftly reduce states of overwhelmanxiety & panic

  • become masterful in self-compassion and soothing

  • form and hold strong boundaries outwardly and inwardly

  • establish deep feelings of safety and security 

  • navigate skillfully an increasingly stimulating outer world


About Jocelyn

Image of Best of 2018 Psychotherapists in South Bend award

I've worked in integrative body mind healing since 1989 and clinical psychotherapy since 2007.  ​My expertise lies in utilizing a Contemplative Psychotherapeutic approaches to help people navigate states of overwhelm, anxiety, and depression with compassion, clarity, and purpose.  Working together through times of contraction, we can foster growth, a renewed sense of purpose, and emotional freedom. 



Length & Frequency of Sessions

Mentoring sessions are 45 minutes.  However, depending on your needs and goals, a personalized length and frequency may be recommended.

What Sessions Cost

The fee for all sessions is $130 each, payable at the start of each session. Counseling sessions may be partially reimbursed by your health insurance. Mentoring sessions are not covered by your health insurance unless they are integrated into mental health counseling.


Since consistency and simplicity support steady growth and change, sessions are usually scheduled for the same day and time weekly or bi-weekly. Flexibility is possible when needed.


In-person sessions are offered on Wednesdays and Fridays, and remote sessions are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

How You Can Pay

I accept and bill some insurance companies for diagnosed mental health problems or will give you a receipt that you can use to file for reimbursement. Co-pays and services not covered by insurance can be paid by cash, check or credit card.