Did you know?

Some people are inherently more vulnerable to anxiety

emotional intensity, and depression. 

People of this highly sensitive temperament can learn to navigate these states of overwhelm and draw from the gifts sensitivity brings.

Counseling tailored to sensitivity can help you find solid inner ground 

and tools for living well in an over-stimulating world.


About Jocelyn

I've worked in integrated body mind healing since 1989 and clinical psychotherapy since 2007.  ​My expertise lies in helping people navigate emotional intensity, moodiness, and anxiety with compassion, clarity, and purpose.  Working through dark times, we can foster growth, a renewed sense of purpose, and emotional freedom. 



How I Can Help You

Depth Counseling

As a licensed psychotherapist with 20+ years of experience, I help you:

  • become less reactive

  • manage triggers

  • develop inner strengths

  • gain confidence

  • navigate emotions

  • end chronic negativity

  • set good boundaries

LENS Treatments

As Indiana's first certified LENS treatment clinician, I help you:

  • reduce chronic anxiety

  • heal from trauma

  • gain more positive mood

  • end substance abuse

  • improve memory & focus

  • restore brain balance

  • reduce ADHD

I am not offering LENS treatment at this time.

HSP Mentoring

As Indiana's only mentor for highly sensitive persons (HSPs), I help you:

  • understand sensitivity

  • manage energy needs

  • reduce overwhelm

  • tame anxiety & panic

  • handle tough situations

  • focus differently

  • gain tools for living well

Essential Facts



616 East Colfax Ave

South Bend IN 46617


Tel: 574-210-8098


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