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Constellation-informed & Transformative Counseling

Feeling overwhelmed more often than not?

Quietly carrying  feelings of inadequacy or shame?

Craving more connection to a deeply felt sense of purpose?

Your natural sensitivity can build the bridge to feeling better.

When your emotions feel out of control, it can be hard to make sensible decisions, or to keep yourself from over-reacting to little irritations.


You've probably already seen how being stressed out or being quick to get frustrated has a bad effect on good relationships.  


I have a number of special techniques that will help you turn that around. You can tame those emotions so they empower -- and not destroy you.

If you've been wishing you could calm those emotional sparks before they catch fire, my special counseling techniques will teach you new skills for doing just that. 


Ready to transform emotional breakdowns into empowered breakthroughs?  


With practice, your smoldering moods can be used to create what you want rather than destroy what you love.  Gaining emotional mastery allows you to slow down and regain your balance.


 Change is possible.

Schedule an appointment now.


Let's get started on your transformation.

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