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Chronic Negativity

Shift out of negative mindset with Jocelyn Bailey counseling in South Bend

The mind of depression spins only stories of inadequacy and lack. Although fictional, these negative stories are compelling, affirming feelings of low worth and self regard. Stories of lack gain footing by becoming background, wallpapering the mind for days weeks, or years at a time.

Unfairly and ironically, these same stories of worthlessness that depression has falsely spun only serve to lengthen its stubborn, unbridled residency.

What's to be done to loosen the stronghold of the mind of depression? Is it possible to unravel and undermine the negative storis? Weave new ones of brighter hue and much closer to inherent truth and reality?

Yes, it is possible!

You relentlessly insist upon meeting stubbornness with stubbornness.

You adamantly refuse to identify with the thoughts and stories depression weaves.

You reclaim your true identity, replacing "I am depressed," which limits your identity to darkness, with "I am the owner caretaker of depression. I may have it, I may live with it, but I am decidedly not it."

You can rewrite the stories depression weaves. Like any craft, you'll need basic skills, guidance, and practice.

Let's begin undermining those stories and replace them with truth -- the truth of who you really are. Call today and let's get started.

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