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Coaching for Sensitive Souls

Sensitives, introverts and empaths are
like strawberries among coconuts --
juicy and delicate but easily squashed.  


As a "sensitive," introverted empath myself,
I specialize in helping other strawberries live well
and even flourish in the constantly stimulating,

coconutty world.

Did you know ......


..... being highly sensitive can relate to sounds,
textures, light, and more?

..... being an introvert is
just a way of managing energy?

..... being empathic is the ability to feel
or sense other people's emotions?

These three ways of being can be related.  It's possible to be all three, or just one or two. The checklists below will help you figure it out.

Highly Sensitives

  • rough clothing textures bother you

  • bright light gives you headaches

  • loud sounds make you anxious

  • being assertive is difficult 

  • your hearing is very sharp

  • you can be easily distracted

  • you are careful with others feelings


  • crowds and parties exhaust you

  • your prefer 1 close friend to many

  • networking bores you

  • solitude is your idea of heaven

  • on group tours, you book a single

  • you can easily resist getting involved in others' drama


  • when others are angry, you feel it

  • others' fears make you scared

  • you feel irritable out of the blue

  • negative people make you cynical

  • you have to avoid sad people

  • tragic news overwhelms you

  • love & joy are uncontainable

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Introvert, Empath, Highly Sensitive, Shy--

Which One Am I?


You may live with all three innate traits and have learned to be shy as well.


Most likely, you'll find yourself craving time alone to recharge emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally...or feeling cranky when you can't find that time away soon enough.


If you'd rather read or write than go to a party to meet new people, you're probably introverted.  


If you're more aware of subtleties than others and are easily overwhelmed, you may be a highly sensitive person, even if you're clearly extroverted.


If you are like an emotional sponge, feeling other people's emotions more powerfully than your own, you might be an empath. 


Living with any of these traits can feel overwhelming, particularly if friends and family don't understand your temperament.  Others can feel rejected or confused by your abiding and insistent need to take a break -- Now! 


Just as introverts can learn to nurture their deep inner life and claim regular time alone for recharging, highly sensitives can learn to buffer themselves from overwhelm and enjoy their rich sensory life, and empaths can learn to switch off and on their capacity to join emotionally and intensely with others' emotions.


All three types can develop the sturdy but breathable boundaries their particular trait or traits invite.


All three types stand to benefit from cultivating savvy self-care, emotional resilience, and protective but permeable boundaries.


Highly sensitives, empaths and introverts are pioneers, paving the way toward living well in an increasingly stimulating world. 

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