Credentials & Experience

  • MA psychology

  • MS clinical mental health counseling

  • Board certification as professional counselor​

  • Foundational Training DBT

  • LENS Treatment certification

  • EMDR certification

  • Sand Tray Therapy certification

  • Yoga Therapy for Depression and Anxiety 

  • ​Imaginal Healing certification

  • ACT Training, Dr. Russ Harris

  • Integrative Bodywork Therapist 17 years

  • Navigating Emotional Intensity Groups (2011-2014); facilitated at Notre Dame University (2015-present)

  • ND Intern Training DBT Seminar Facilitator (2013-2017)

  • Mindful Eating, Nourished, and Expressive Arts group facilitation and workshops for women struggling with  chronic dieting and emotional eating (not current)

  • Ongoing professional membership in the American Counseling Association (ACA) , American Psychotherapy Association (APA), and Association for Contextual and Behavioral Science (ACBS).

Image of Best of 2018 Psychotherapist South Bend award

More About Jocelyn

As a mental health counselor, I specialize in helping people find meaning during difficult life passages and the struggles that disrupt the functional satisfactions of everyday life, such as:

  • caring too much about what others might think 

  • feeling quietly lost and alone

  • living as an introvert in an extroverted world

  • waking up feeling defeated before the day begins

  • feeling overwhelmed by others' demands

  • wanting to feel better but not knowing how 

  • knowing what needs to be done but procrastinating

  • facing necessary losses, big and not so big

  • feeling inadequate in social situations

  • wanting desperately to have a different body

  • wondering how to speak up without hurting anyone's feelings

I value working with the self-reflective clients who are learning to take their mindful awareness into new realms, find what blocks them, explore what empowers them, and who are ready to make transformations.


As a mentor, I specialize in helping people who feel like they have been beaten down by life but who know there are ways they just haven't yet discovered to trust, forgive, master the intensity of their emotions, and find the pathway back to their deeper, more authentic self.

What I love about my job

I am trained  to see wholeness and health in people, and my job is to help people see first-hand, to experience more fully, a sense of well-being.


People come to see me when they feel overwhelmed, alone, hopelessly stuck,  or even broken beyond repair.  Many have struggled so hard for so long that they may believe that change is impossible or that the muck they've been slogging through is actually who they are.


We can work to dismantle the scaffolding that might have helped at one time but is now hindering growth.   As people improve access to foundational wholeness, they can take charge of their lives and enjoy being and expressing who they are more fully and more often.  


Watching people ​​uncover and claim the well-being, vitality, and creativity they were born with is immensely satisfying.  That's what I love about my job.