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What's the Difference Between

Mentoring and Counseling?

Mentoring and counseling are similar in terms of what you and I do in each session. In both, we discuss and prioritize your goals, explore your thoughts and plans, dig into the deep space of presumptions and expectations, and reach for transformative insights.  Whether working with you from a counseling perspective or a mentored approach, I'll be listening  to how you speak about your experience, and asking questions as we go along.


The main difference is in what we talk about.  Counseling focuses a lot on your emotions and relationships.  Mentoring focuses more on your actions and future plans.

One important difference is that counseling for certain emotional distress is likely to be viewed as a medical need and eligible to be covered by your health insurance.  


My mentoring services cannot be covered by health insurance. They should be considered an investment in a happy and successful future, similar to enrolling in an educational course in personal growth.

Do you accept insurance?

For counseling sessions only, I accept and bill a small number of insurance companies -- Aetna, CareSource, CPH.  Please verify that I am a provider through your insurance company and clarify the following:


  • Is Jocelyn Bailey, LMHC, listed as a provider
    (behavioral or mental health)?

  • Does your insurance cover individual therapy?

  • How many sessions per year are covered?​


  • What is your co-pay?

  • What is your yearly deductible and how much has been met?

  • Does your insurance company require pre-authorization prior to the first visit?



​If I am not a provider within your network, you may want to determine reimbursement for out-of-network providers. ​I CANNOT bill Medicaid or Medicare.

Please contact your insurance provider to inquire about specific coverage of your plan.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ You may make out of pocket or co-pay payments with cash, check, or credit/debit card.  


I will need an active credit card number to cover missed or late appointments, according to my cancellation policy.  Full information regarding this and other policies will be provided at your first session.

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