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Navigating Emotional Intensity

counseling with Jocelyn Bailey LMHC South Bend

Do your emotions ever get the better of you,

especially when you least want them to?

Are you shutting down, building walls to keep feelings in

and to keep others out?

Wishing you could feel emotionally even-keeled more often?

Not all intensity of emotion is unwanted. Most of us enjoy swooning over a stunning sunset, falling head over heels in love or even feeling touched to the core by a powerful story. We wouldn't want to be immune to beauty or love less intensely, yet we don't want to lose our cool when it really isn't cool.

What if powerful emotions are actually just what you need, arriving on the scene to help you through a difficult moment? Maybe they'd like a place at the table, so to speak, a chance to be known and heard first of all by you. Their volume hits max level fast because that's how they command a listening ear. Perhaps you've had have a hard time allowing them in the first place, so they've gotten more insistent, louder.

Learning to allow emotions, let alone befriend them may seem like a tall order, but it's a powerful method for living well as an emotionally masterful person. Valuing your feelings, even the ones you don't like, is not only possible but enjoyable once you discover their hidden gifts.

Imagine learning how to sense an emotional storm building and calm yourself down in the face of it, preventing those emotional melt-downs, and acting from wisdom not impulse, making it through tough moments without making them worse.

You can gain emotional mastery by learning how to navigate the intensity, find the hidden gem in your emotions, and learning to value your sensitive, emotional nature.

I've helped dozens of people release themselves from feeling had by their emotions to having them, working with themselves rather than against. It takes willingness to try something new and to stay with it.

You can do this, and I can help you get there. Give me a call at 574-210-8098

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