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Profound Depression

counseling for depression Jocelyn Bailey LMHC South Bend

Are you barely sleeping at night and spending your days in bed?

Does even the thought of facing the day overwhelm you?

Are you feeling chronically, physically unwell and wondering if life will

ever feel worth living?

If you've been suffering for long periods of time, even the thought of seeking help might seem daunting. You have no energy, no initiative, and you may have come to believe that nothing and nobody could possibly help. You may not believe you deserve the help or feel ashamed to admit that you need it.

Some people can indeed live with major clinical depression and make it to work, raise a family, tend a household. But doing so feels like walking through concrete. It's incredibly hard.

You may be surviving, but your family and friends are most likely missing you. They may feel shut out, helpless, tired of trying, and even angry at you for not feeling better or doing more. Knowing that your suffering causes them to suffer burdens you, but it may be the one impetus strong enough to matter.

The single most powerful action you could take right now would be to get some real help. Now. Stop trying to tough it out and get through this on your own. Untreated depression only gets worse. Tragically, it can and does lead to suicide in more than 1 out of every 10 person suffering.

Chronic depression can indeed be treated with an effective combination of both medical and psychological interventions. The right medications can begin to alleviate symptoms, sometimes dramatically. Medications stabilize the brain. Counseling and psychotherapy give you insight and tools for rooting out and replacing any thoughts and behaviors that worsened or maintained your darkness.

Seeking treatment now can lighten your load now, and not only brighten your future but help you get there.

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